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ImageNet Subclasses:

knife = n03041632
keyboard = n03085013
elephant = n02504458
bicycle =  n02835271
airplane = n02690373
clock = n03196217
oven =  n04111531
chair = n04099969
bear =  n02132136
boat =  n02951358
cat =   n02123597
bottle =   n04591713
truck = n03977966
car =   n04285008
bird =  n02009912
dog =   n02113624
The dataset construction involved manually collecting all aerial images of vehicles using UAV drones and manually annotated into three classes 'Car', 'Bus', and ''Truck'.The aerial images were collected through manual flights in road segments in Nicosia or Limassol, Cyprus, during busy hours. The images are in High Quality, Full HD (1080p) to 4k (2160p) but are usually resized before training. All images were manually annotated and inspected afterward with the vehicles that indicate 'Car' for small to medium sized vehicles, 'Bus' for busses, and 'Truck' for large sized vehicles and trucks. All annotations were converted into VOC and COCO formats for training in numerous frameworks. The data collection took part in different periods, covering busy road segments in the cities of Nicosia and Limassol in Cyprus. The altitude of the flights varies between 150 to 250 meters high, with a top view perspective.

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