PhD in Computer Engineering           (September 2010-June 2014)

M.Sc. in Computer Engineering            (September 2008-January 2011)

B.Sc. in Computer Engineering            (September 2004-June 2008)


Fundamentals of AI at the Edge    (January 2020 - March 2020)

Online Course – UDACITY (Curriculum developed in collaboration with Intel)

Fundamentals of Deep Learning for Computer Vision (April2019)

Online Course –  NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute

Self-Driving Car Engineer Nanodegree           (13 December 2016 - 17 November 2017)

Online Course – UDACITY (Curriculum developed by Sebastian Thrun | Partners: Mercedes Benz, NVIDIA, Uber)

Projects: Lane Detection, Traffic Sign Classification, Driving Behaviour Cloning, Vehicle Detection and Tracking

Projects: Sensor Fusion and tracking with Extended Kalman FIlter and Unscented Kalman Filter, Particle Filters, Vehicle control with PID and Model Predictive Controllers

Projects: Path Planning, Semantic Segmentation using Deep Learning, and Capstone Project (System Integration - Run Code on real self-driving car)